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(European Radiological Data Exchange Platform)

EURDEP (EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform) makes unvalidated radiological monitoring data from most European countries available in nearly real-time. The participation of the EU member states is regulated by the Council Decision 87/600 and the Recommendation 2000/473/Euratom. The participation of non-EU countries is on a voluntary basis. Countries sending their national data have access to the data of all the other participating countries. In addition there is the gentlemen’s agreement that participating to EURDEP automatically means that data delivery will continue during an emergency but with a higher data transmission frequency.


EURDEP is both a standard data-format for radiological data and a network for the exchange of automatic monitoring data. The latest version of the format is 2.1 and is in use since the beginning of 2002. The EURDEP network is currently used by 33 European countries (35 Organizations) to exchange the data from their national radiological monitoring networks. The data exchange is mostly done on an hourly basis, both during routine and emergency operation.

The central node of the EURDEP network is the EC DG-JRC in Ispra, Italy. The BfS/IAR in Freiburg, Germany and the EC DG ENER in Luxembourg act as mirror-sites for the data. Data is provided by the participating organizations by placing files in the EURDEP format with new monitoring data once per hour on a national (local) ftp-server to which the JRC has read-access. At the JRC all data-files are checked and loaded in a database. The participating organizations and Competent Authorities can subscribe to Email queues to automatically receive the aggregated data once per day, download the data from one of the three central EURDEP ftp-servers or view and download data from the private (password protected) EURDEP Web-site. In addition there is a Public EURDEP Web-site and map with free access, where the data is published with a country-by-country defined delay. The delay imposed by each country can be viewed by clicking on the [Country] label on the public EURDEP map.

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