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Version History

AG Software – Version 3.0
  • Integrates with new database structures
  • Improvements made to downloading process
  • Improvements made to uploading process
  • New email reports in AG3 highlighting problematic errors to contact points from data submitted. Stopping of AG version 2 emails and sending of emails via version 3

EURDEP Basic Website Version 3.0
  • Redesigned menu navigation
  • Redesigned AirDOS GUI
  • Redesigned Database
  • Extended EURDEP parsing errors section
  • New easy to use download section

EURDEP MAP Version 3.0

Graphical User Interface completely new
  • CSS Menu items
  • Floating panel for Projection Manager, Layer Manager and Overview Map windows
  • New message window for alerting users
  • Tested on Mozilla Firefox 3.6.xx and Internet Explorer 7 - 8
GUI is resizeable according browser size

All functionalities on map use AJAX technology
  • Auto refresh functionality
  • Loading new data on map
  • Save, retrieve and default settings
  • Switching between projections
  • Countries filter
  • View settings
  • Normal and Expert Tabs
More filter settings through 2 tabs: normal and expert
  • Visualization of raw data except Cosmic radiation component
  • Visualization of just Cosmic radiation component
New fast procedure for indicating in drop down list of nuclide and Sample type available data according country and time range filter

EURDEP MAP Version 4.1.1
  • New colour-schema used for improving the rendering of the stations on the map
  • Indication of LLD values in time series graph always at zero position while on the table LLD values have real values
  • Possibility to view the measurements in the timeseries table as a single, scrollable table or the user could select how many lines he wants on each page, default is 20 (which fits in the 'standard' table) but with the possibility to select 50, 100, 200, 500 measurements on each table page
  • Added a button in the toolbar that will temporarily "enhance" the visibility of the stations on the map, it is enabled when there are 100 dots or less on the map
  • It is possible to see the used formulae for calculating Cosmic radiation by a tooltip
  • Indication of the coordinates when mouse is moving on the map
  • The 5 dot-sizes of stations on the map increase with the zooming in order to make dots more visible
  • Added the station's height above sea after the lat / long on top of the time-series window
  • Created the possibility for the JRC staff to place an ICON (indicating the place of accident) on the EURDEP map by giving the exact coordinates
  • Coming from WebEcurie site with coordinates specified by URL, it opens the page with a cross icon marking the right place of the coordinates specified.

EURDEP MAP Version 4.2.1
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Improved management in case of AutoRefresh checkbox selected and the application is restarted by the server
  • Use of two separate delays for T-gamma and other sample type in case of public map
EURDEP MAP Version 5.4.0
  • Chrome browser version detection issue fixed
  • Added a new option about kind of data selections (Measured data or Test data) now there is also the possibility to select both, Measured data and Test data, by choosing the “All data” item in the properly dropdown box
  • Same option added for time-series page, accordingly the selected data on the map (Measured data, Test data or All data)
  • Moreover test data in the time-series page will be drawn with different colour on the graph
  • New dedicated map site for exercise purposes with default data option “All data” already selected
  • All users with credential of an exercise role will be automatically redirected to the exercise web map



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